BREAKING - Dr. Larry Norton Shares the Announcement of a Finding "of Major Clinical Implications"


We've just heard from Dr. Larry Norton, about the announcement of a major discovery, presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting of The American Society of Clinical Oncology, the biggest meeting of cancer doctors and scientists in the world, and published in the journal Breast Cancer from Nature, the most prestigious medical publisher.  

According to Dr. Norton, he and his team have discovered that "The white blood cells found in breast cancers may not be normal (as previously assumed) but often have mutations known to be associated with malignancy. This is a finding of major clinical implications because it suggests that cancer may not just be based on DNA changes in the cancer cells themselves but also DNA changes in the “normal” cells that surround them. Hence, if that relationship can be disrupted this would be an entirely novel and potentially very effective approach to therapy and prevention.  We are currently doing research toward that goal."


The research for this discovery could not have taken place without the funding provided by Cure Breast Cancer Foundation. We'll share more as we hear back from Dr. Norton regarding these exciting developments. 


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