It’s a ‘G’ Thing: Cure Breast Cancer Foundation raises funds for research to find a cure

“When Lisa was first diagnosed I went a little crazy,” Andy Abramson said.

12 years ago, Andy Abramson found out his wife, Lisa, had breast cancer.

“Multiple surgeries, multiple treatments of chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy,” he remembered.

She went through a two more bouts but she’s now finally cancer free.

“She’s doing great,” Abramson smiled. “She’s enjoying our grandson, she’s playing golf and enjoying life.”

But this husband wanted to do more.

“We really needed to do something to cure this disease,” he said.

So he and his daughter, Carly, started the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation.

“The foundation is eight years old” he said. “We’ve raised $5.5 million to date.”

Dollars that go directly to research led by Dr. Larry Norton.

“Andy and I have been friends for decades I can’t even remember how far back,” Dr. Norton said.

Dr. Norton is the Deputy Physician-in-Chief for breast programs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Scientific Director of the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Our knowledge of what cancer is, the science has improved so dramatically,” he said. “There’s never been a period in cancer medicine where there’s such an explosion of ideas, scientific progress and advances that are happening. ”

He’s been at the forefront of research for more than 40 years.

“Some of the things I’m most excited about right now are immunotherapy,” Dr. Norton explained. “We’re also developing ways of attacking the ability of cancer cells to spread.”

Innovation made possible through donations.

“It’s been tremendous support, not just the money but the enthusiasm [too],” he added.

And on Monday, the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation is holding a golf tournament at the Mountain Ridge Country Club.

“The goal is to raise funds,” Abramson said. “At this point for this one day event we’ve already raised an excess of half a million dollars.”

The event is co-sponsored by Valley National Bank, a longtime supporter of breast cancer research.

“I had a sister in law who passed away at a very young age from breast cancer,” Gerry Lipkin, President/CEO of Valley National Bank, said. “It’s a rare family that hasn’t been affected in some way by a member suffering from cancer so seeing the fact that we are making progress towards the eradication of this affliction makes me feel good inside.”

The gold tournament is just one of the many fundraisers the bank supports.

“We have our next walk coming up on the first weekend of October,” he said.

A constant effort for one common goal.

“Our goal is to cure cancer,” Abramson said.

“I want to see that cancer is a treatable as the common cold,” Lipkin added.

“We know we’re gonna get rid of it,” Dr. Norton said. “The only question is how can we get rid of it faster.”

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